Refund & Return Policy

Product Condition: If you have received the product in a bad or damaged condition, we request you to share an unboxing video with our team for verification purposes.

Contacting Customer Care: Please notify us immediately regarding the issue by contacting our customer care helpline at +918448866162 or by sending an email to In your communication, kindly mention the Order ID for reference.

Verification by the Team: Once you have notified us about the issue and shared the unboxing video, our team will validate the claim to determine the condition of the product upon delivery.

Necessary Action: After the validation process is complete, we will take the necessary action based on the findings. This may include issuing a refund, providing a replacement , or offering an alternative solution as deemed appropriate otherwise we will provide you refund within 15 days.

Please note that the refund policy may be subject to certain conditions and exceptions, which will be assessed by our team during the verification process. It is advisable to reach out to our customer care helpline or refer to our website for detailed information on our refund policy, including any specific terms and eligibility criteria.

Remember to retain the Order ID and any relevant documentation or communication for smooth processing of your refund request.